We are a religious community, and as a religious community we treat each other, the congregation and staff with respect.

As a Board, we recognize that each of us has the best intentions for the church. Board work is important but can be stressful. So, we take care of ourselves and each other as we do the work of the church. We allow each other a voice and give each other an ear. We keep a sense of humor. We recognize that as Board members, we set the tone for the work and play of the church.

The Board is open to the congregation it serves. We encourage participation and facilitate an open dialog. We welcome and value opinions and discussions from all. We provide minutes that explain Board decisions and how we arrived at them.

We lead the Church by focusing energies and resources on the mission, goals and values of AUUC. We give Board business the importance it deserves by attending the meetings, participating in the discussions and following through on our commitments. We know the congregation is counting on us to be good stewards – today and for the future life of the church. Succeeding in this role requires good balance. We each express our opinions, but once Board decisions are made, we support them together. We thoroughly discuss the issues and come to decisions. We will make mistakes, and when we do we will admit them and fix them the best we can. We work together in a timely manner as a team. But, we steer church members to people who can best address their concerns. We enjoy our work together, but we stay on point.

By staying in touch with our spirituality, each other, and our fellow UUs, we will successfully and joyously lead our church.

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